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I produce works using recycled materials, found objects, wood, glass and through different techniques (drawing, painting, engraving and installation). Every piece of work reflects and analyzes my research about the esthetic value of natural forms in relationship to artificial products.


Images of biological organisms are classified and numbered according to the Taxonomy’s classification which is the science of defining groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics and their evolutionary history.


The collection of studies and drawings is focused on the theme of “morphosis”. The term originates from the Ancient Greek mórphōsis and means the way an organism changes form during its biological development due to the impact of external factors.


The tentacled figures may suggest, metaphorically, the dark psychical impulses endlessly disturbing our rationality, leaving us feeling embarrassed towards civilization. They can also be considered as "rebel" elements which pervade pre-constitutional forms of society.








Born in 1979 in Rome, Italy



2009 – 2010    MFA – Paintings and Visual Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Florence

2006 – 2009   Comics International School of drawing and illustration, Rome

2001 -  2005   BA (Hons) – Fine Art Painting, Academy of fine Arts, Rome

Solo shows 

2007  Gloss, Campo Dè Fiori, Rome

2007  Spazio Novecento, Palazzo delle arti antiche dell’Eur, Rome

2003  22nd biennial exhibition of “Humor in Art”, Tolentino (MC)

2003  4th International Season of Artist’s Book “ERRARE”, National Library, Rome

2001  Maurizio Marchese Award, Galleria La Cuba d’Oro, Rome

Group shows 


2015   Summer Gallery Day - ESKFF (Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation R. Program)

         Mana Contemporary - New Jersey (NJ)

2015   Open studios - ESKFF (Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation Residency Program)

         Mana Contemporary - New Jersey (NJ)

2014   Artists 4 Rhino, Natural History Museum "Giacomo Doria", Genoa, Italy

2014   Liberartevi, Art Fair Centre, Bologna, Italy

2014   Open Studios - HB55, Berlin

2013   Rivers of A.I.R, Pescheria Nuova, Corso del Popolo 140, Rovigo, Italy

2013   ArtWalk, Klara – Zetking – Park, Leipzig, Germany

2013   A blend of jelly, The Museum Lytke, Leipzig, Germany       

2013   Flora/Fauna, The Museum Lytke, Leipzig, Germany

2013   Potzblitz, Pilotenkueche (Halle 14 - Spinnerei) Leipzig, Germany

2012   Il sacro e il profano, Galleria Cassiopea, Rome

2012   Le stanze di Venere, Galleria Cassiopea, Rome

2011   Emergenze Arte Roma 2011, Chiostro della Basilica SS Apostoli, Rome

2010  Peccato!, Galleria Tannaz, Florence

2010  Spazio alla visione, Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence

2010  Parusia, Galleria Verapietraserena, Florence

2010  Abusi, EX3 Centro per l’Arte contemporanea, Florence

Catalogues and published illustrations:

2010   Video digital agenda Italy for ABC Interattiva, presented in Venice on the 15th november  

          to the European Conference.

2010   Abusi, EX 3 Centro per l’Arte contemporanea, Florence

2010   Museo Marino Marini, Museo Marino Marini, Florence

2010   Bildung – Manufatti artefatti, Galleria Tannaz, Florence

2009  Atlas of the honeydew producing conifer aphids of Europe, di A.Binazzi e 

          S.Scheuer, Aracne edizioni

2003  La civetta e la luna – il significato delle statue stele della Lunigiana, di O.Olivieri, Mori  




2010   The Colour is bright the beauty is generous, Michael Lin, Museo Pecci, Prato, Florence



2015   ESKFF (Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation), Mana Contemporary, New Jersey (NJ)

2013   International Girls, The Museum Lytke, Leipzig, Germany

2012   Pilotenkueche (Halle 14 - Spinnerei) Leipzig, Germany


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